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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition £9.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition £9.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

With the release of Black Ops a mere three months away, the Call of Duty series edges ever closer to a ten-game milestone. Which, when you think about it, is impressive considering how shooter-saturated the market is, and how little an improvement can be made in less than a year. But if you fancy revisiting the series' fourth and, in my opinion, finest entry, Modern Warfare, it's going for just £9.99 on Amazon. And it's the Game of the Year Edition, too.

Early copies of Modern Warfare's Game of the Year Edition came with a voucher-code for downloading the 'Variety Map-Pack' off Xbox Live. Subsequent copies have since removed this incentive, resulting in the only difference between the standard and Game of the Year edition being another multi-syllable title underneath.

Modern Warfare brought the CoD series to a contemporary setting, shaking off the shackles of pre-determined WW2 conflicts. A terrorist organization has staged a coup in a fictional Middle Eastern country, threatening nuclear war. As such, the US Military deploy their troops to restore democracy and a rightfully appointed leader. The British are involved, too, although on a far shadier operation, as the S.A.S. follow the trail of a stolen nuclear warhead.

It's a cracking story with what was at the time phenomenal visuals. The raid on an oil tanker in the midst of a tumultuous sea, lit up with lightning strikes, was amazing to behold, let alone play. The sense of being in the middle of a war-zone, as bullets fly, spark off the fiery corpses of cars, friend and foe alike falling in the maelstrom of gunfire and screams. The controls, as you'd expect, were pitch-perfect, zero-lag, and the guns felt perfect to handle, the sub-machine guns nice and light, the bigger rifles heavy but powerful.

Modern Warfare is perhaps best remembered for its now oft-copied online multiplayer. A handful of game-modes exist, from all-out Team Deathmatch to the more tactical Search and Destroy, but it's the persistent online upgrading that kept bringing fans back, long after release. Every act, from killing an enemy to shooting down a called-in helicopter, earns you points, which fill your meter. Once the meter is full, you upgrade to the next level, which brings new weapons and perks. You can attach red-dot sights and grenade-launchers to your weapons, equip yourself with perks that dampen bullet-damage or allow your bullets to pass through walls, resulting in an organic, free-form approach to traditional 'classes'.

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