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Call Of Duty Elite A "Necessity" For Gaming

Felix Kemp
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Call Of Duty Elite A "Necessity" For Gaming

Activision Lauds The Importance Of Social Networks

If Call of Duty Elite does succeed in winning over fans and bulging Activision's profit margins, it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the industry reacts. While the likes of Bungie and numerous other PC-oriented shooters have had similar social hubs for fans to enjoy, Call of Duty is the biggest property in gaming, and its mass-market appeal may signal a shift in how we play and communicate in gaming. That is if Elite is a success, and that's a very big if. According to Activision's Jamie Berger, however, moving forward with social networking in gaming is a "necessity".

"We believe that a 24/7, year-round services strategy that broadens the game experience beyond just playing is going to be a necessity," Berger told MCV. "Right now, it’s an option but in three to five years, it won’t be. To support a diverse player base, you will have to have a services and ongoing content strategy. I don’t see how games are going to manage without that."

Call of Duty Elite is a social networking hub where fans can come together, share stats and figures, climb leaderboards and upload amusing or amazing screenshots and videos straight from the game. It comes in two flavors; free and premium, and Activision is making a big deal of the latter, snagging the likes of Ridley Scott to provide exclusive Elite content to sway fans and their wallets.

"Elite is about Call of Duty being bigger than ever five years from now and laying the groundwork for that," Berger goes on to explain. We've already seen EA swiftly respond with Battlefield 3's Battlelog, although its worth debating whether it was included out of response to Elite or simply due to Need for Speed's Autolog success, on which Battlelog's tech is based. [MCV]

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