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Call Of Duty Elite Pricing, Multiplayer And More Detailed At XP Event

Felix Kemp
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty Elite Pricing, Multiplayer And More Detailed At XP Event

I'm guessing the Call of Duty XP Event was all sorts of fun. Zip-lines, paintball, free food and, of course, Call of Duty multiplayer booths lining each and every wall. However, the big news to emerge from the event was all about Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward swept away the curtain and showed off all the new tweaks and changes they've made to the fan-favorite multiplayer mode, and finally revealed just how much a Call of Duty Elite subscription will cost come November.

So first off, Modern Warfare 3's newfangled multiplayer. Infinity Ward has been very open in recent months of their disdain for Modern Warfare 2's air support-heavy matches favoring killstreak haulers over team-oriented players. As such, it's all changed for MW3. Killstreaks no longer exist, replaced by Pointstreaks, tailored to reward fans for each and every point gained, be it a kill or a captured flag. You choose from three 'Strike Packages' which grant you different pointstreaks depending on your play-style. So, run-and-gunner? Pick the Assault package with its helicopters and air-strikes. Objective-minded? Pick the Support package, which lends you and your team UAVs, Ballistic Vests and more, not to mention your pointstreaks don't reset upon death.

Additionally, each and every weapon you use will earn its own unique XP, which can then be spent on attachments, camo and the newfangled 'Proficiencies'. Essentially a gun-centric perk, Proficiencies range from 'Kick' which reduces recoil to 'Two Attachments' which, as you might have guessed, let you add two attachments to your weapon. And speaking of attachments, heart-beat sensors have returned - wahoo! - along with the new dual-scope, which has a close-quarters optic you can switch out for a long-range sight. Sexy.

New modes have been added to MW3's multiplayer, such as Kill Confirmed, an exciting new affair where for each enemy you kill, they'll drop a set of holographic dog-tags. You can't advance your team's score without collecting these dog-tags, although the enemy can also retrieve them, as well. Furthermore, Infinity Ward have considerably bulked up the modes available in Private Matches, adding fan-favorites such as Infection and user-generated custom modes.

Next up, Call of Duty Elite, Activision's answer to Bungie.net new social media hub which collates all your stats, videos and records as well as providing a wealth of unique content from the likes of Jason Bateman and even Ridley Scott. It sounds like an exciting prospect, but Activision had yet to announce pricing. Well, that day has finally come, my friends. A years subscription to Elite will cost you... £34.99.

However, when you consider the rest of the perks to Elite - geddit? - that price doesn't seem to steep. First off, over the course of that year you'll get to access to each and every chunk of DLC for absolutely free. Over 20 add-ons are planned for Modern Warfare 3 over the course of the next year, averaging over £60 if purchased separately, so you're saving almost thirty quid.

Not to mention you stand in with a chance of winning big bucks. Premium Elite subscribers have access to unique online competitions with prizes such as iPads, Jeeps and everyone's favorite big bags of cash up for grabs. Elite also allows you to store video content captured from the game, and a premium subscriber will have over eight times as much storage space available to use.

It's all very exciting, and we want to hear your thoughts, Dealspwners! Happy with the changes Infinity Ward has made to the multiplayer? Or not? Will you be plumping for a premium Elite subscription, or sticking with the free version?

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hippidyhip  Sep. 5, 2011 at 12:19

I wonder if you have to have separate subscriptions if you play the game(s) on different platforms to get the DLC...

gmdlogan  Sep. 5, 2011 at 15:59

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gmdlogan  Sep. 5, 2011 at 16:00

Does this mean my son will still be able to play all future Dlc through his own account on my ps3? I'm very tempted to buy the Hardened Edition!!

Late  Sep. 6, 2011 at 12:15

Over 20 add-ons are planned for Modern Warfare 3 over the course of the next year ... over £60 if purchased separately...

Holy hell. They'll certainly make some money from any mugs who buy all that, but how many customers are they losing?

And how can they have twenty add-ons? We're unfortunately accustomed to games companies releasing incomplete games and then charging us for the additional stuff - it's a natural progression from developing a full game and then coming up with new stuff afterwards - but if they can say now that they're coming up with 20 new things coming in at over £60 then they're really taking the biscuit.

I'm a massive fan of COD in recent years, but will have to think long and hard about my options now.
Buy MW3 and sign to Elite? As you say, it saves a fair few quid over buying everything separately.
Buy MW3 and selectively buy a few add-ons? After all, there's going to be a lot of crap in there that I'm not interested in if these downloads are averaging around £3 - that average will surely see a handful of £10 maps together with a load of £1 avatar items etc.
Abandon MW3 completely? I reckon there'll be a lot more "defecting" to Battlefield than originally thought.

Can't see me paying £35 for Elite, but we really need to see some sort of breakdown of the twenty DLCs that make up the sixty-odd quid quoted before people can properly decide...

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