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More Call Of Duty Elite Woes On PC & iOS

Jonathan Lester
Activision, App, Call of Duty Elite, PC

More Call Of Duty Elite Woes On PC & iOS

A Case Of "If Or When"

Beachhead is still slogging away at bringing Call Of Duty Elite to the PC... but a recent tweet suggests that it won't happen any time soon. More worryingly, the wording implies that they can't guarantee that Elite's PC functionality will ever make an appearance.

We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC.

An admission of the possibility that Elite may never reach the PC? Or just a turn of phrase? We reckon that the latter is probably true (don't panic just yet), though we'll find out in due time. [UPDATE: As we predicted, this was just a figure of speech. Activision apparently "misspoke," and guarantee that Elite is headed to the PC after all.]

In other Elite news, the iPhone app has been delayed in order to cope with the enormous server load that's still blighting the console versions. Activision's recent FAQ states that they'll be holding off "until the service is stable." The app, originally slated to release last week, will allow players to keep track of their stats while on the move.

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DivideByZero  Nov. 15, 2011 at 16:37

"The app will allow players to keep track of their stats while on the move."

Really? Elite? I mean come on, who gives a damn what rank you are when you are not playing the game. I know I'm rank 53 at the moment and that's good enough for me. How much more are you going to get from the game by having this elite junk - and it's it a $50/year payment deal as well?

I hope this elite crap dies before it is born. We get stung enough for maps and stuff let alone this service (which is supposed to include stuff like maps that don't exist yet!)


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