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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is £19.99 On PC At SimplyCDKeys

Jonathan Lester
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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is £19.99 On PC At SimplyCDKeys

Call Of Duty: Ghosts | SimplyCDKeys | £19.99 (save £7)
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Call Of Duty: Ghosts isn't as forward-thinking as we'd have liked (especially in terms of its nonsensical campaign, which Black Ops II somewhat puts to shame), but there's no denying that its mental multiplayer is still great fun. SimplyCDKeys will email you a PC Steam key for a shade under £20, which is a decent saving if you're looking to get involved. Thanks to imdurc @ HUKD!

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DivideByZero  Dec. 6, 2013 at 15:10

"its mental multiplayer is still great fun"

Er... we playing the same game?

Heading towards nearly 1GB of patching for this now and it still does not look and play as smooth as Black Ops 2 does.

Glitchy and clunky!

Which is a shame as the level design is OK and I really like the new game modes... well, more the idea of them as it still plays like a bunch of junk. Cranked and Blitz are great ideas, just hope they sort the game itself out!

Late  Dec. 6, 2013 at 15:38

Plays fine on xb1 (though I appreciate we're talking about a deal for pc) - not noticed any glitches. Everyone's better than me, but that's no glitch - that's normal.

Level design is great, though, as you say. Treyarch overtook IW in most respects in recent years but never got the hang of verticality - every map was very two-dimensional. IW aced it this time. 2 weeks of playing and I still don't know each map anywhere near as well as I'd like to.

Loving Search & Destroy as always - but also enjoying Infected. I believe they had Infected on MW3 but I never played it. Had a quick go on Cranked but was pwned something like 5:20.
Must try some other game modes at some point...


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