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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 £19.99 @ The Game Collection [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 £19.99 @ The Game Collection [Xbox 360 Games]

Trying to live up to Modern Warfare wasn't going to be the easiest of challenges, luckily Modern Warfare 2 definitely stands up alongside its older brother, throwing gamers into an adrenaline fuelled roller coaster ride of action.

You can grab a copy of the game on the Xbox for £19.99 from The Game Collection, which is almost £5 cheaper than the next best offer of £24.85 coming in from ShopTo.

It's hard not to fall in love with this game right from the start as you jump back into the familiar format of switching between SAS and American troops. The story takes place a few years after COD4, so it's best to have played the first before moving onto this one and you can play one straight after the other for an epic single player experience.

The gameplay is pure unadulterated fun no matter what you're doing, whether that's sneaking around a snow covered woodland with a sniper rifle, sitting behind a mounted machine gun on an armoured vehicle, or firing a few pistol rounds off at your foes whilst escaping an a snowmobile.

The end of the campaign doesn't mark the end of the game by any means! You can team up with a friend locally or online to carry out the co-op special ops missions, which provide a great challenge to even the most accomplished of gamers.

And now we get onto the fantastic multiplayer, which in my opinion is far better than Modern Warfare's. I picked up Modern Warfare 2 the day of release and shortly after checking out the main game, I logged into Xbox Live, joined forces with a few friends, and began to deal out some punishment to anybody who didn't register as friendly. By the end of the evening I was hooked and spent the next few days glued to the screen ranking up whenever the opportunity to pick up my controller presented itself.

This is another outstanding game to add to your collection if you haven't already done so, and it's worth every penny.

Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD

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