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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: £29.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: £29.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360 Games]

Unless you've been cryogenically frozen recently, returned from the dead, been stuck in a cave or been hit over the head and lost all of your short-term memory, chances are you've heard of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Activision's flagship game of the year has caused controversy left, right and centre whether it be at the hands of pixellated terrorists in an airport or company CEO Bobby Kotick shooting his mouth off and swimming in his enormous lake of gold.

If you've somehow bypassed all of this, or have been eagerly waiting for the post-launch price boom to subside after being out of luck initially, then you may be pleased to know that Play.com are offering the game for a sub-thirty price for the first time since launch, a couple of pounds cheaper than nearest competitors Amazon (£32.00). If, like me, you want to give as little money as possible to the man whose self-professed aim was 'to take all of the fun out of making video games' whilst still enjoying one of the best games of the year, hit the link below for more info.

Set five years after the events of Call of Duty 4, this sequel sees you once again slip into the first-person shoes of a handful of military toughs with the intended aim of socking it to the terrorists.

The plot is all a bit red, white and blue and choc-full of Yankee flag waving patriotism although Kevin McKidd is on hand to lend his gruff Scottish voice to top SAS man Soap MacTavish, essentially the Ultranationalists have seized power in Russia, raising a statue of defeated nutter Imran Zakhaev, and his right-hand man Makarov is now running rampant through Europe. As part of an elite little group called Task Force 141, it's your job to stop him, clear the West's name for a particularly brutal massacre and drive a whole host of vehicles along the way.

And boy is it fun!

Kotick might be an absolute arse, but developers Infinity Ward have pulled out all of the stops with this one. It looks beautiful, and plays even better. The campaign looks, feels and plays like an interactive Hollywood blockbuster, replete with a plot that Kiefer Sutherland would kill for, dialogue that reads like Bruce Willis' pillow-talk and action that hasn't had me this gripped since the first Halo. The campaign is cracking, co-op mode Special Ops is a great addition and the multiplayer is absolutely fantastic. On Xbox Live anyway. The less said about those PC servers, the better.

If you're a fan of FPS games then this really ought to be at the top of your Christmas list. It's the only game so far to have had a launch in Leicester Square, it's broken sales records galore on the consoles, and amongst the majority of retailers has (unfortunately) maintained its price. If you were waiting for a chink in the armour of commerce to appear then here it is, just don't expect any Party Chat. One big negative is that Infinity Ward have decided that a constant stream of teenage racism and sexist slander is preferable to a handful of cheaters. A slight stain against an otherwise near-perfect achievement.Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: £29.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360 Games]

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JustExtreme  Dec. 3, 2009 at 22:13

Very overhyped and mediocre game.

Gunn  Dec. 4, 2009 at 10:47

Agree :)

Sam Bell  Dec. 4, 2009 at 23:53

It's all about the multiplayer with Modern Warfare 2, and since i don't play it, i don't share the same enthusiasm as everyone else for the game. I thought it was great while it lasted, but the James Bond-esque villains and re-trodden story didn't really do it for me.


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