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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood £9.95 @ Zavvi [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood £9.95 @ Zavvi [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

If you're stoked about the upcoming Red Dead Redemption but can't wait another second to get your Wild West fix and satisfy your cowboy cravings then you'd do well to give Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood a whirl. A kind of prequel to the 2007 original, this FPS sees you dive into the boots of the McCall brothers and gunsling your way from war-torn Georgia to Mexico in search of the treasure of Cortez.

If you're up for a spot of sharpshooting then you're going to want to head on over to Zavvi where they're selling both main console versions of the game for just £9.95, saving you almost a fiver in both cases.

The original was a game where you could alternate between quoting from the Bible and cap-bustin' with the click of a button, but this prequel finds Ray McCall an altogether different character. This is a game saturated with themes of greed, betrayal  and vengeance, a cracking soundtrack and solid, if now somewhat dated, visuals. The difference in both brothers' combat styles makes for two rather different Story Mode experiences, and whilst the game starts off as a linear plod through the missions, later on it opens up and you can take on side missions and upgrade to better firearms.

I have quite a soft spot for this game, but I'm not blind to its faults. Let's face it, here's a lot of untapped potential here. The single-player campaign is really very short, and the free-roaming parts of the game kind of make you wish that the whole thing had been done that way. The game feels very much like a Western, and Ubisoft should be commended for the way they've manmaged to really capture the atmosphere and gritty charisma of the period that makes Westerns so attractive, but the gameplay and plot are pretty unremarkable really. I'm just going to tack on a slight mention that there is a multiplayer mode because that's really all the game does.

It's worth picking up for under a tenner as there's a fair amount of fun to be had from this one, and the setting and feel of the game does much to make an otherwise unremarkable shooter seem a bit special, but don't expect fireworks.

Thanks to adsldave at HUKD

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