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Capcom: Dead Rising 3 "Definitely Isn't A Timed Exclusive"

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Dead Rising 3, Gamescom 2013, Xbox One Games

Capcom: Dead Rising 3 "Definitely Isn't A Timed Exclusive"

"We See A Lot Of This Online"

According to Capcom, Dead Rising 3 will not be coming to PS4 or PC, ever. So stop asking.

OXM caught up with a Capcom representative on the Gamescom show floor, who straightened things out without mincing words. "Definitely not a timed exclusive, it's an Xbox One game," the spokesperson confirmed. "We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC."

Dead Rising 3 is set to release on the Xbox One at launch, offering an enormous open world to explore and exploit along with ridiculous numbers of simultaneously-rendered zombies. To mow down in outrageous combo vehicles. We're still bummed out about the murkiness of the colour palette compared to the vibrant originals, but for now, we've got high hopes for Blue Castle's latest sandbox.

That said, we can't help but remember that the original Dead Rising did eventually get ported to the Wii... no. That way madness lies.

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Breadster  Aug. 21, 2013 at 16:29

I'm sure if it didn't sell well then they'd port it over, but I imagine it will see good sales.

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