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Capcom "Dedicated" To "Making Monster Hunter Work" Outside of Japan

Matt Gardner
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Capcom "Dedicated" To "Making Monster Hunter Work" Outside of Japan

Capcom have launched a huge initiative Stateside to try and drum up more interest in the Monster Hunter franchise here in the West ahead of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's launch next week.

“Capcom is very dedicated to the brand, obviously in Japan being as huge as it is. But, the team is also dedicated to trying to make it work here in the US,” product manager Laili Bosma told Joystiq.

“It’s not magical, it’s not going to happen overnight. My goal here is to try to get as many people to experience it first-hand, and for us to answer those questions.”

Having demoed the game at SXSW, Capcom are engaged on  something of an American roadshow as they look to develop the domestic success of the franchise into something more global.

“We have a full on booth – a Monster Hunter dedicated booth – at PAX, we have a Monster Hunter dedicated booth at Wondercon, we’re also going to be attending C2E2 in Chicago, we have events that we’re planning on doing at Capcom’s offices in the near future,” Bosma said.

“We’re also looking to hopefully do a summer tour with Monster Hunter across the country.”

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launched on March 22nd here in Europe for Wii U and 3DS, arriving in the US on March 19th.


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Breadster  Mar. 13, 2013 at 15:57

If they brought out a new one on the 360 I'd definitely get it. Not interested in playing it on handhelds though.


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