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Capcom On DmC: 'Other Games Will Feel Very Slow In Comparison'

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Devil May Cry, DMC, Ninja Theory

Capcom On DmC: 'Other Games Will Feel Very Slow In Comparison'

Will Run At 30 FPS, But Trick Us Into Believing 60

Capcom and Ninja Theory have apparently learned some "elaborate" technical lessons from Dragon's Dogma, allowing them to make the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot feel like it runs at 60 frames per second... even though it won't.

Devil May Cry franchise director Hideaki Itsuno explained that incredibly responsive controls and the fallible human mind will allow them to play visual tricks on players.

“During the course of the development of Dragon’s Dogma, we did a lot of experimentation and happened upon some techniques for working with Unreal Engine, some fairly elaborate techniques, that allow for a controller responsiveness that gives the player the feel of 60 frames per second," Itsuno told Eurogamer.

“60 frames per second is a speed the brain and the eye can catch up with and understand. But at 30 frames per second there’s a technique where you take advantage of the brain’s ability to fill in the blanks.”

“So even though you have it running at 30 frames per second, you create the motions and the poses in such a way that the brain will naturally fill in what would have been the extra frames. Also, on the players’ side, we made some adjustments to the button response and when it’s reflected on screen,” he concluded.

Itsuno believes that, once you've played DmC, you'll notice the difference. “We still feel like as soon as you stop playing DmC and play other games they feel very slow in comparison and a bit sluggish," he boasted. "At least that's for me. We're quite pleased with how responsive and how fluid it feels.”

If DmC feels like it plays it 60 FPS, delivering incredibly tight controls as it does so, I doubt many players will complain. We'll find out early next year, with a taster demo lined up for next month.

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