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Capcom: "Keep Your Expectations In Check" For E3

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, DMC, E3

Capcom: "Keep Your Expectations In Check" For E3

This is traditionally the time when publishers and PR firms kick into overdrive, whipping their fanbases into paroxysms of fevered anticipation before E3 kicks off.

Not Capcom, though, who are simply asking their fans to not expect too much of them. DMC may make an appearance, but otherwise, Capcom have basically shrugged their shoulders and wandered off. Full details after the jump.

During a live stream, Capcom US Vice President Christian Svensson suggested that we'll have to "wait and see" whether DMC will be playable or at least hands-off at this year's E3. However, we simply shouldn't expect much else from the publisher considering that they dropped most of their major announcements at last month's Captivate event.

I don’t know that we’ll be shocking anyone with what we’re talking about at E3. Most of our major announcements were made at Captivate. There’ll be some light shed on things that we previously announced that we didn’t show much of at Captivate, updates for some things we did show at Captivate.

But keep your expectations in check and everyone will probably come out happy. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have more things to talk about in the not so distant future, just to set expectations.

This is a much more humble and measured response than we're used to from Capcom, especially considering that they were screaming about "bombshells" from the rooftops this time last year. It's possible that last year's financial report has taught them some humility. Either way, we'll be there to report on what they do decide to bring to L.A.

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