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Capcom Explains PS3 Exclusive SFxT Characters

Felix Kemp
Capcom, Playstation 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Xbox 360

Capcom Explains PS3 Exclusive SFxT Characters

"We Spread The Love"

Xbox 360 fans have been up in arms over Capcom's decision to omit exclusive characters from the 360 version of Street Fighter x Tekken, with the PS3 enjoying three such combatants, inFamous' Cole McGrath and Sony mascots Toro and Kuro. A thread on Capcom's official boards questioned whether Capcom were "ignoring" their 360 fan-base. Such was the response, Capcom's USA senior vice-president Christian Svensson stepped in to settle matters, reminding 360 fans that Capcom has been very kind to the platform in recent years with exclusives.

"Guys, we've done lots of exclusive content on Xbox 360 platforms (DR1, DR2, Lost Planet, etc.)," Svensson told forumgoers. "We spread the love around from time to time. Nothing more I can say on the topic for the near term." He is right; after all, Lost Planet and Dead Rising were originally 360 exclusives, and both enjoyed exclusive timed DLC releases. Capcom, to their credit, have showed remarkable generosity to both Sony and Microsoft.

However, the issue surrounding exclusive characters appears to stem from Microsoft itself. Cast your mind back to Mortal Kombat, where 360 fans were once again left out, with the PS3 version enjoying an exclusive Kratos character. Developers NetherRealm admitted they'd considered a 360 exclusive character - Marcus Fenix and Master Chief were touted - but revealed an issue they couldn't go into detail over had prevented them from doing so.

And again, before all this hubbub surrounding Street Fighter x Tekken, Capcom had declared a 360 exclusive character depended "entirely on Microsoft". What is likely is that Microsoft is demanding some sort of licensing fee for including Master Chief or Marcus Fenix, whereas Sony is allowing developers to operate with their licensed IP free of charge, or for very little in comparison. [Capcom]

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WalnutSoap  Sep. 25, 2011 at 16:10

Tekken has it's roots planted firmly in the Playstation consoles. Why wouldn't they wanna give something back?

Just sayin'.


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