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Capcom To Focus On Quick Turnaround & Smaller Teams

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Financials, Game development

Capcom To Focus On Quick Turnaround & Smaller Teams

Capcom's annual financial report suggests that the publisher will be looking to turn out titles much quicker than before and rely on smaller focused development teams to get the job done.

As reported by GI.biz, the document records an overall a 23.9% decrease in game sales year-on-year, but a 50% upswing in their mobile division. To cut costs, increase efficiency and maximise profits, they plan to continue developing core franchises in house, but increase the number of titles they release per year.  They'll do so by repurposing their internal studios into smaller teams who'll work on multiple projects and even sequels simultaneously, with certain elements outsourced to external developers.

“Teams developing major titles will be limited to 100 members, with multiple sequel titles developed at the same time. Also, as it will be necessary to create a large-scale development structure for shortening the development process, we will strengthen in-house development staff recruitment.”

“In addition, we will increase the number of titles released in a single year and expand earnings using a hybrid development model whereby the core portions of the project are developed in-house by Capcom and the process-work is outsourced to outside development companies.”

How this will impact game development remains to be seen, but this could broadly be a good idea. Smaller teams and multiple projects allow studios to better focus on specific titles, with more flexibility, less overheads and more opportunities to innovate with lessened risk.

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