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Capcom Join The Japan Relief Effort

Matt Gardner
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Capcom Join The Japan Relief Effort
Today Capcom announced four initiatives they've set in place to help the aid effort looking to provide relief to Japan in the wake of Friday's earthquake and tsunami:

  1. From today, for a period of one week, the iPhone/iPod touch version of Street Fighter IV will be discounted to ¥115 (59p or $0.99 for those outside of Japan) and all of the sales over this period will go towards relief efforts. It's a global initiative and will hold true for all markets. You can buy it here.
  2. 100 million yen is to be donated to help the relief effort
  3. Monster Hunter Frontier Online players affected by the earthquake and tsunami will not have to pay monthly usage fees
  4. To conserve energy in the face of shortages, Capcom will, if necessary, close or implement shortened hours at amusement centers and offices in areas that fall under the coverage of Tokyo Electric Power or Tohoku Electric Power. It will also be holding off on events.

We've detailed a few of the other charity initiatives already, but if you find one we've missed or overlooked, drop us a link at the usual address or in the comments below. [andriasang]

Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up.

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