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Capcom: Monster Hunter 4 Delayed, Resi 6 Sales Fall Short

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil 6

Capcom: Monster Hunter 4 Delayed, Resi 6 Sales Fall Short

Financial Forecasts Slashed

Capcom's latest financial projections make for a grim read, revealing two pieces of bad news. Resident Evil 6 sales were apparently much weaker than expected despite several weeks in the charts, while anticipated RPG Monster Hunter 4 has been shoved deeper into 2013.

In financial terms, this basically amounts to "less money."

“Sales of the major new title Resident Evil 6 were initially strong, but subsequently weakened," reads a short amended report. "As a result, sales for this title are certain to fall short of the plan.”

Monster Hunter 4 has been delayed from March 2013 until "the next Fiscal year," which essentially means April onwards. The move was taken to "raise the quality of the game," which will debut on both Wii U and 3DS.

"For these reasons, sales," concludes the report, "operating income, ordinary income and net income are all expected to be less than the figures in the previous forecast for the fiscal year." Capcom have thusly cut their earning forecasts by 11%. [via VG247]

Resident Evil 6 has proved to be one of - if not the most - divisive game of this generation, since no three critics can agree on whether it's abjectly awful, brilliant or just pretty fun. Personally, I liked it, and judged it a "smart cooperative shooter" in our 7/10 review.

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