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Capcom: Resident Evil Will Return To Its Roots After "Bloated" Resi 6

Jonathan Lester
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Capcom: Resident Evil Will Return To Its Roots After "Bloated" Resi 6

Following an immense amount of feedback and soul-searching after releasing Resident Evil 6, Capcom plans to return to Resident Evil's survival horror roots.

"We have obviously seen the consumer response and the PR response," former Capcom marketing boss Michael Pattison told MCV while discussing the divisive Resident Evil 6. "There was some great positives out of that, but it was a mixed bag, as we saw from the review scores. We have got to take that on-board, we can't ignore that, and we have to take that onto the next game when we make the next Resident Evil.

Pattison reckoned that Resident Evil tried too hard to please everyone, resulting in a diluted and diffuse experience. “With Resident Evil 6 specifically, we probably put too much content in there, there were comments from consumers that said it felt bloated," he continued. "The Leon missions went down very well, and because we did Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, there was a cry out for us to focus our attention on survival horror, rather than be too many things to all people. You’ll find where we go next will likely be more targeted at our core fanbase.

"A lot is said about the saturation of this zombie, post-apocalyptic survival horror. But it is still alive and well. The Last of Us shows a good direction of what the consumers want. Tomb Raider as well, we spoke to R&D and they looked at that and they enjoyed that experience. I think that proves there is still a strong market for that sort of content."

The excellent 3DS Resident Evil Revelations (even its lacklustre home console port job) shows that Capcom still has what it takes to deliver a tight and tense survival horror experience. Fingers crossed for the next game in the series - it's clear that they're a little embarrassed at being shown up by Naughty Dog and others.

What do you want from Resident Evil? Would you like to see the series continue, or perhaps rebooted? Have your say in the comments.

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Breadster  Aug. 15, 2013 at 18:45

Sounds good, I'd love to see a proper horror Resi again. I thought Resi 6 was pretty fun, but it wasn't a Resi game to me. Leons missions probably were the best. I hope they focus on the normal zombies and not the las plagas type things. The way the zombies look and how they react when you shoot them (little chunks flying out of them and stuff) is awesome.

They were just being too greedy, trying to appeal to everyone with 6. I think they're really missing Shinji, his upcoming horror game looks really good.

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