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Capcom: Street Fighter X Tekken Will Use A "Wealth" Of Vita Features

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Playstation Vita, PS Vita, Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom: Street Fighter X Tekken Will Use A "Wealth" Of Vita Features

Capcom were on point when it came to the 3DS. Super Street Fighter IV 3D was the best in class, showcasing classic action and great new modes that complimented the platform without compromise. According to a new statement from producer Yoshinori Ono, upcoming brawler Street Fighter X Tekken promises to do much the same for the PS Vita - which, let's face it, isn't without a few nifty features of its own.

Oh, and he'd love to make a Marvel vs DC fighter.

Speaking to the Playstation Blog, Ono stated that "it’s always fun to work on new hardware and try new things," and that the Vita port will be fully optimised for the hardware.

We’re doing a lot of customization and tweaking to make sure it’s as good as possible on PS Vita.

The really cool thing about PS Vita, of course, is the wealth of new features: Wifi, 3G, GPS, the gyroscope, and touch panels on both sides. There are all sorts of cool things that we can do with those. We want to take advantage of that and really encourage people to get out into the world with their PS Vita and play Street Fighter X Tekken. And we’re looking at ways to link to the PS3 version as well to get you into the habit of leading a double-life of Street Fighter X Tekken. When you’re out of the house, you play it on PS Vita and then you come home, turn on your PS3 and keep going.

We can expect an impressive online suite, combos accessible via the touchscreen or rear touch pad and PS3 linkage, then. We'll tell you more as we hear it.

Ono also described his work with inFAMOUS developers Sucker Punch as a "good, collaborative process," likening Cole's move set to Seth from Street Fighter franchise. I.e. he might well be a little cheap...

Finally, Ono wistfully confimed that his dream project would be a Marvel vs DC comics fighting game, which I'm sure you'd agree would be ridiculous.

A Marvel vs DC game which would be pretty damned cool if we could ever pull it off. I’m a big comic-book fan.

Now if I can get the presidents of those two companies in the same room shaking hands, then we could get something started. I’d love to see that just as a fan!

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