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Capcom's Remember Me Is Actually Adrift By Any Other Name

Jonathan Lester
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Capcom's Remember Me Is Actually Adrift By Any Other Name

Capcom has announced a new IP, Remember Me, which is actually DONTNOD Entertainment's Adrift given a new name. DONTNOD, a Parisian outfit comprising numerous Ubisoft and Criterion veterans, have been working on Adrift since 2011: crafting a tale of memory loss in 2084 Neo-Paris. You'll play as Nilin: an elite memory hunter fighting back at an organisation that digitises all human experience, but who ends up losing her own memory as a result.

As we previously reported last year: "Adrift is a linear third person adventure game set in the dystopian future of Neo-Paris; a fusion of 2084 technology and crumbling grandeur of the ancient city. DONTNOD have created a team of over 70 industry veterans including talent from Criterion and Ubisoft, crafting their game within the heart of the metropolis that they plan to reinvent. At Gamescom 2011, they've also announced that it will be headed to both Xbox 360 and PS3 - as opposed to a PS3 exclusive as was previously rumoured."

"World-renowned illustrator Aleksi Briclot (Magic The Gathering, World of Warcraft TCG, Marvel Comics, Splinter Cell) will be handling the artistic direction, which is shaping up rather nicely indeed. If the finished product resembles the concept art, DONTNOD could be on to a winner."

It seems that Capcom has snaffled up the project, and it's great to see them taking a punt on something new.

Described as an "action adventure," title, Remember Me will empower players to access and remix memories, as well as steal them from enemies.

UPDATE: Remember Me will release next May. We'll have some new trailers for you shortly.

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