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Carbine Looks To Reach Out To WildStar Community

Carl Phillips
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Carbine Looks To Reach Out To WildStar Community

Wants To “Respond & Engage On Your Terms”

The festivities may have come and gone, but it’s time to see if the New Year’s resolutions are going to stick as the community team at Carbine Studios revealing a few of their own. With 2013 already looking to be a big year for WildStar (as Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney declared in the December State of the Game address) Carbine is looking to interact with its growing number of fans as best it can and, more importantly, include them in making the upcoming MMORPG a better experience for everyone.

One of the key points in the four resolutions includes taking the discussion to the fans beyond the usual channels of their website, twitter and facebook pages, stating that “you shouldn’t feel like you should need to leave your comfort zone in order to have your voice heard." Elsewhere, livestreams of development discussions are planned, allowing the fans to be there at the ground level, but perhaps the most important point involved the upcoming beta.

In their own words, Carbine recognises that “too many "beta" releases these days tend to be at a point where it's too late for feedback to make any large impact in the game.” They aim to change this with WildStar, using the testing phase as a way to ensure the fans let them know if their direction is “right or wrong. And if it's wrong, we'll fix it together with you.”

You can read the post about their resolutions in full here. So, with that in mind, let’s hear you: Do you have any questions about WildStar? Post your queries in the comments and we’ll be sure to drag the community team over kicking and screaming cordially invite the folks from Carbine here to Dealspwn to respond! In the meantime, be sure to catch up on what to expect from the Sci-fi Western MMO by checking out our previous coverage here.

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