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Carbine Sees WildStar As A “Modern Playground”

Carl Phillips
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Carbine Sees WildStar As A “Modern Playground”

Looking To Make The “Most Fun Playspace Possible”

Living up to the promise of engaging the community on their own turf, Executive Producer for upcoming MMORPG WildStar Jeremy Gaffney has responded directly to an opinion piece discussing the mix of theme park and sandbox gameplay elements, something WildStar aims to blend together. In his comment, Gaffney gave a brief overview of what Carbine is ultimately trying to achieve, and how they plan to accommodate a large array of playstyles.

Posting over at MMORPG as “DaGaffer”, Gaffney explained that Carbine likes to see WildStar as a “modern playground” that will mix elements of static content with the ability to forge your own experience, stating that “there are a number of things you can do near each other,” which “can interact with each other.” Although there would be “events that tie everyone in a zone together”, the gameplay Carbine hopes to create an environment where “you can get to choose what you play, and if you are going to use it for its "intended" purpose.” Ultimately, Carbine Studios hope the end result will be "the most fun "playspace" possible."

As the article debates (and it’s worth a quick gander if you have the time) to date no MMO has managed to pull off a gameplay experience that caters to both storyline addicts and those who desire free-form play at the same time. Will Carbine be the first to get the formula right? We here at Dealspwn are definitely very interesting in finding out, and we’re certain to get more clarification on how WildStar hopes to achieve success in the coming months.

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