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Carbine Tease "Future Fantasy" MMO

Jonathan Lester
Carbine Studios, MMORPG, Tease

Carbine Tease "Future Fantasy" MMO

Carbine Studios has released the first image and solid details about their upcoming MMO that's slated for a Gamescom reveal. Apparently we can expect a "future fantasy" experience that with a unique art style that draws on classic anime and comics for inspiration. We've got the full picture, as well as the details, after the break.

Art Director Matt Mocarski confirms the "future fantasy" stylings in a new blog post, stating that their as-yet-unnamed MMO will include both Sci-Fi and traditional Fantasy influences (as well as some puzzle elements). Something like Phantasy Star Online, perhaps? Apparently the game will tell a "huge variety of stories, everything from intense drama to mind-blowing action to humorous tales."

Mocarski was naturally keen to mention the "unique visual style", which will draw on graphic novels, manga and anime to create an eye-catching yet mature universe..

There were a few influences that we really focused on. Animated films such as Atlantis, The Secret of Nimh, and Princess Mononoke really nailed the overall look of the style. We know that our game was for adults so we studied shows like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist to see how they balanced a unique visual style with stories that had both humor and drama. Lastly we looked at comics such as Hellboy, Battle Chasers, and Tank Girl to influence our balance of technology and fantasy.

NCsoft will be handling the publishing side of things, and I daresay that one of us will saunter over and check it out at Gamescom next week.

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CarlPhillips  Aug. 11, 2011 at 13:13

I'm keeping a very close eye on this one. The fact they are looking at Full Metal Alchemist as a reference for balance between visual style and drama intrigues me greatly, as both the manga and the anime were masterfully done in that regard.

Of course, we don't know much else about the Carbine MMO, apart from the artist impression images and the snippets of soundtrack on the website, but the blowout at Gamescom (and the hands-on preview we have lined up) should hopefully answer some questions.

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