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Carbine Unleashes An In-Depth Look At The WildStar Beta

Carl Phillips
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Carbine Unleashes An In-Depth Look At The WildStar Beta

45 Hours Of Content Condensed Into 4 Minutes

Last week Carbine Studios promised something big for their next WildStar Wednesday update, and they certainly haven’t disappointed. An uploaded video of their Friends & Family beta shows off the latest build of the upcoming MMORPG, demonstrating new combat features in action, showing previously unseen areas, and teasing players with something new at the end. You can check out the video narrated by Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney after the jump.

The addition of combat indicators looks to further add to the action element of the game, and the first look at the stealth class of the game appears to allow for all sorts of unseen mischief (mainly involving explosives.) While we have heard something about them in the past, this video also gives us the first in-game look at the Settler player path, which will allow players to provide social benefits to all players by building vendors in an area.

Also unveiled were the new zone of Gallarus, an example of the puzzles that will be included, the gigantic Eldan constructs that will attempt to smash everything, and large scale battlefields in which players will fight for control of a nearby city. The video ends on a mysterious note; floating islands? My money is on some sort of player housing (or it’s an excessive homage to Knuckles. Either or.)

Carbine plan on keeping the momentum going by responding to feedback from their fanbase, as they announced in their latest blog post that they plan on working with various sites to answer any burning questions the audience may have. The first such arrangement will be over on Reddit with an IAMA AMAA with Jeremy Gaffney. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on WildStar’s progress over the coming months, but you can always check outour previous WildStar coverage in the meantime.

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