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Carmack: Favours The X360 But Not A Bad Word To Say About The PS3

Matt Gardner
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Carmack: Favours The X360 But Not A Bad Word To Say About The PS3

We love John Carmack, Jon even wrote id Software's programming legend an openly romantic letter last month, and in the latest issue of GamesTM the man behind id Tech 5 has lavished praise upon the current generation of home consoles, although admitting that he personally prefers the Xbox 360.

'The PS3 is still far and away better than anything else that’s ever been made... except maybe the 360,' said Carmack. Before adding 'it’s a great time to be a developer [...] It’s not like working with the Sega Saturn or the PS2, where these are really kind of quirky, cranky, architectures that are not, well, architected, I would say.'

Before the fanboys get their knickers in a twist, though, it should be noted that Carmack didn't identify anything wrong with the PS3 at all, he was simply stating a personal preference: ''Because I do favour the 360, it doesn’t mean I have anything all that negative to say about the PS3.'

With often little to choose between the two consoles when it comes to multiplatform gaming, a balance endorsed wholeheartedly by the man behind Doom, perhaps we can stop squabbling over which is better and just enjoy the games...

...or alternatively use it to whip touchy fans into a frothing frenzy. [NowGamer]

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