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Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Details Emerge, Trevor Belmont Returns

Matt Gardner
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Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Details Emerge, Trevor Belmont Returns

Lords of Shadow developers - Mercury Steam- have been busy at work on a 3DS instalment for the Castlevania series that bears strong similarities to its console brother, but holds a different protagonist.

Whereas the former starred Gabriel Belmont, the portable game will see Trevor Belmont return, though Mirror of Fate will allegedly use the same light and heavy attacks, and the light and dark magic system seen in its predecessor, although the action will unfold primarily in 2.5D, rendered in stereoscopic 3D, naturally.

Furthermore, players will be able to make use of other characters at various points during the game, including Simon Belmont, who is making a comeback as a barbarian armed with the Vampire Killer leather whip.  He'll also be able to summon a host of mystical guardians too.

According to Nintendo Power (via Go Nintendo), details are as follows:

  • Deep combat mechanics.
  • Involves Trevor Belmont.
  • Fight with Trevor's version of the Combat Cross.
  • Strong attacks with X.
  • Wider-reaching attacks with Y.
  • Grab enemies with R.
  • Block and dodge with L.
  • Use A for secondary weapons such as the boomerang-like glaive and electric bomb.
  • Light and shadow magic return.
  • Earn experience points to unlock new combos including launchers, and smashing enemies down to the ground.
  • Includes skeletons, axe-wielding undead, and more.

There are a couple of grainy first screenshots to be found here.

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