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Catherine Coming To The West; Localisation In Progress

Jonathan Lester
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Bizarre Japanese horror puzzler Catherine has been confirmed for a Western release, despite multiple statements from publisher Atlus to the contrary. Rumours have been flying about regarding whether or not we'd see this creepy (and overtly sexy) game on British shores, but we can expect further announcements soon. We have the details- and everything we know- below.

In case you don't know, Catherine casts players as layabout Vincent, a man torn between his girlfriend Katherine and the mysterious titular siren. After engaging in a relationship with both women, Vincent finds himself in a nightmarish reality where men are objectified as sheep, and must puzzle his way through whilst working out what the hell's actually going on. Is it all in his head? Or is there something more sinister going on?

It's an undeniably crazy and bizarre premise that has ensured strong Japanese sales (no comment), but Atlus has frequently spoken out to deny any rumours of it coming to the US or Europe. However, they've now confirmed that it's undergoing localisation for a Western release that's set to hit this Summer.

A European publisher hasn't been announced yet, but our bets are on Rising Star Games (who recently published Deathsmiles Deluxe to rave critical reviews). They're a key European distributor of Japanese titles, and we've naturally reached out to them for comment. We'll tell you more as we hear it.

UPDATE: Rising Star's Yen Hau has contacted us to suggest that they currently aren't in the running for publishing rights, putting the onus on either Tecmo Koei, Square Enix or SouthPeak (amongst others).

"As much as I would like to bring Catherine out over here, I’m afraid it is currently not available for consideration."

More as it comes in.

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