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New C&C And Strategy Studio (Accidentally) Revealed [UPDATE]

Jonathan Lester
Command & Conquer, EA, Victory Studios

New C&C And Strategy Studio (Accidentally) Revealed [UPDATE]

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Command & Conquer franchise had finally met its end... but much like Kane, it seems that the old dog has some life in it yet. EA have accidentally let loose a sequel- as well as a new studio- in a recent site update.

Update: The site is now live, confirming that Victory Studios is indeed behind the next Command & Conquer title. Their new title is set for reveal and release this year, and we'll keep you posted.

Last night's update to the official C&C Site delivered a slew of new info about the next Command & Conquer title; starting with the announcement that it would be developed by newly-created Victory Studios. This flagship strategy outfit will reportedly be based in Los Angeles, Texas, and Shanghai and headed up by veteran deveoper Jon Van Caneghem (of Might and Magic fame). Caneghem suggests that the latest will be a "AAA Command & Conquer game" and utilise a host of new technologies to "create a stable base for future development."

The site has now been completely taken offline, suggesting that EA weren't quite ready for the reveal just yet. Oh well. Act surprised when they tell you, guys. [RPS]

The blurb made great pains to point out that this next title would only be on PC... and all this talk 0f new technology coupled with Riccitiello's recent lust for monetization has us wondering whether C&C is going downloadable or even free-to-play. We'll keep you updated by the wire.

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