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CD Projekt RED Aiming For "Smoother Learning Curve" For Cyberpunk

Matt Gardner
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CD Projekt RED Aiming For "Smoother Learning Curve" For Cyberpunk

CD Projekt RED have said that they are taking on board things that they learned with The Witcher 2, and will be applying them to Cyberpunk, with one such consideration aiming for a "smoother learning curve" when it comes to the latter game's story.

"What we learned from The Witcher series is that we need to attract people with a smoother learning curve when it comes to the storyline," studio head Adam Badowski said in an interview with Gamasutra.

Co-founder Marcin Iwinski suggested that it was a matter of context, admitting hat some may have found it disorienting when it came to the studio's previous titles.

"In The Witcher 1, for example, we were throwing people in the middle of the story, and we assumed players would know what is happening!" he said. "But a lot of players told us that they didn't really understand this relationship or that relationship.

"With our future games, we want the player to be able to get more context, and we need to introduce the game and its characters to people more properly."

Cyberpunk is the video game version of Mike Pondsmith's classic '80s pen and paper RPG series Cyberpunk. Details are slim, but CDP has promised "a mature RPG for a mature audience". It'll have a non-linear story, "advanced RPG mechanics", different character classes and a "gigantic arsenal". Pondsmith is collaborating.

Iwinski says that CDPR are looking to the HBO series Game of Thrones for inspiration, which he reckons is  "the perfect reflection of a book in another medium" - it manages to simplify and enhance the central tenets of the novels' subject whilst still remaining true to the original text - providing an accessible gateway into the stories for those who might find the books heavy-going, and also leading many to snap up the books as well.

"And that's what we want to capture," he said. "In [Cyberpunk], we want to create a story that is very profound, but the novice players should be introduced to [the world] better than they were in The Witcher 2."

CDPR's marketing head - Michal Platkow-Gilewski - suggested that it would be up to the player how far they were willing to go to unravel the deeper story.

"Players should be able to choose how deep they want to enter the story or the plot," explained. "If they're really hardcore, they can really dig deeper and deeper and deeper, and if they're just casual, they can still learn about the characters and the story, but they'll do that by going in another direction."

And Iwinski is adamant that this doesn't mean CDPR are dumbing down, not at all, nor that they are looking to simplify their games. Rather the team is aware that entry points into their stories may not be the most accessible around, and are looking for ways to help others get stuck in, and we're all for that.

"Just to make sure we're understood correctly by our fans, this does not mean that we are going to simplify our games. That's definitely not the case.

"But for some audiences, the learning curve should be improved, and particularly the introduction to the world needs to be better."

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hurrakan  Jun. 19, 2012 at 13:06

To be honest I've never had a problem with any aspect of The Witcher (1 or 2).

Didn't find it too difficult or anything - and I completed Witcher 2 ages BEFORE they re-worked the prologue.


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