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CD Projekt RED Release Dev Kit By Accident, Run With It

Matt Gardner
CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED, Dev kits, REDkit

"The REDkit is here!" said the post. Only it was an accident that the public weren't supposed to see yet.

CD Projekt RED accidentally released their own development kit for The Witcher 2 slightly early. But instead of shutting it down and panicking, they're just letting anyone who grabbed it in the brief window the link was up to keep using the tools should they wish, and they've asked for patience from the rest of the community while they finish off tweaking a few things ahead of a proper release.

Here's the blurb from community manager Marcin Momot:

Hey guys,

Just a word of clarification.... We were running some tests on the website and it went public for a brief moment. Those of you who have downloaded the REDkit files - have fun - they are official so don't worry! Also, feel free to use the instruction posted by Kodaemon since it's legit as well.

Please give us just a little bit more time (it's almost here!). We apologize for the confusion.

Scholars and gentlemen, the lot of them.

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googleberry  May. 10, 2013 at 21:48

these guys are saints

JonLester  May. 11, 2013 at 11:36

We agree.

Professional detachment be damned: CD Projekt shuns DRM, releases free updates/content, ports responsibly, refuses to implement pointless multiplayer modes, runs GOG and treats their customers like... customers.

A successful business, who make money because they earn loyalty. Makes a change, doesn't it?

Last edited by JonLester, May. 11, 2013 at 11:39

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