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CD Projekt Tease Console Witcher Announcement

Felix Kemp
CD Projekt, Games news, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

CD Projekt Tease Console Witcher Announcement

We've long hoped for a console port of CD Projekt's cult-classic RPG, The Witcher. But when Rise of the White Wolf, the planned console release from CD Projekt Red, was terminated, it appeared that particular hope had all but vanished. Or so it seemed. With The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings resting snug on store shelves - our review is incoming - CD Projekt has revealed another Witcher title is due to be unveiled at E3 next month. And, apparently, console gamers "might be interested".

Speaking to Eurogamer, CD Projekt's senior producer, Tomasz Gop, confirmed a new Witcher title will be revealed at E3. "I can't say anything, obviously for gazillions of reasons, but it is a Witcher game, and I can say that console gamers might be interested in it". Almost immediately, fans have jumped on this as confirmation of The Witcher 3. I'm afraid they're wrong, however. "No, I'm not going to lie to you, we haven't started work on The Witcher 3," he confesses, before admitting, "but it's possible we might do it in the future".

Me, I reckon Rise of the White Wolf is getting resurrected. Much time and effort had already been invested in the title before its abrupt cancellation, but with The Witcher 2 releasing to rave reviews and solid sales, perhaps CD Projekt has wised up to the potential of a console port. And we'd all love to see it, wouldn't we? After Dragon Age 2 left such a bitter taste in our mouths, it's about time sometime set Bioware straight and delivered a cutting-edge medieval RPG.

We'll be at E3, scouring the show floor and prying every secret we can from publishers' lips. If we manage to get confirmation on what this mysterious Witcher title actually is, you'll be the first to know. [Eurogamer]

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