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CD Projekt: Witcher II On Consoles Is "Not Going To Look Like Crap"

Jonathan Lester
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Potential Port On Hold Until PC Version Hits

CD Projekt: Witcher II On Consoles Is "Not Going To Look Like Crap"

CD Projekt, the developer behind hit RPG The Witcher and upcoming sequel The Witcher 2: Assassin Of Kings, has suggested that work will begin on a long-rumoured console port once the PC version has successfully released. However, development has not yet begun on a home console edition, and the decision will be based on whether or not PC sales warrant it.

Oh, and apparently it won't "look like crap." Good to know.

Speaking to Eurogamer, senior producer Thomasz Gop states that CD Projekt are actively considering porting The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings to consoles, but that it will be an independent (and hardware-optimised) project. Though it may contain a bit of exclusive content, it will nevertheless be a straight port - not The Witcher 3.

Production wise - coordination and scheduling and budgeting - this is a new project for us. But it's not going to be a completely different game: it's going to be the same storyline and everything.

We crave for potentially adding something new like some brand new content into the game. But still, we are talking about The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.

I can already promise you that if we're going to do this on consoles it's not going to look like crap, definitely.

Gop continued to say that the console version is not yet in production, and the decision about whether or not to go ahead will be based on PC sales. Apparently CD Projekt feared that multiplatform development would compromise the quality of the PC edition.

We're definitely not a team that can do multiple projects at the same time. We're warily not doing it this way because it might compromise the quality of the first PC release.

So no, no no no, we are not in full-scale development on the console version of the Witcher 2 right now. There were tests like a proof of concept, so we at least know that it's doable, possible. But we are not fully producing the game right now. Nuh-uh.

We'll stay tuned for an official announcement - and keep you posted.

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