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Cerny Expects PS4 Devs To Really Hit Their Stride In "Three Or Four" Years

Matt Gardner
Developers, Mark Cerny, Next-gen, PS4

Cerny Expects PS4 Devs To Really Hit Their Stride In "Three Or Four" Years

Discussing the PS4's "supercharged PC architecture", Mark Cerny has suggested that it although it's quick to get up and running on the plaform, it might take a few years for developers to really hit their stride with the next gen hardware.

"It's a supercharged PC architecture, so you can use it as if it were a PC with unified memory," Cerny told Polygon.

"Much of what we're seeing with the launch titles is that usage; it's very, very quick to get up to speed if that's how you use it. But at the same time, then you're not taking advantage of all the customisation that we did in the GPU. I think that really will play into the graphical quality and the level of interaction in the worlds in, say, year three or year four of the console."

To be honest, that's rather to be expected. You look at the jumps in quality we've seen in terms of this current generation, and how familiarity with systems and toolsets has led to increased technical innovation. Hopefully, as Cerny points out, the more accessible developer setups on both PS4 and Xbox One will mean developers can reach their sweet spots quicker than ever before.

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