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Chair "Confident" Shadow Complex 2 Will Come True

Felix Kemp
Chair, Shadow Complex, Shadow Complex 2

Chair "Confident" Shadow Complex 2 Will Come True

But Only When It "Makes Sense"

Last month, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski revealed Shadow Complex 2 - the sequel to Chair's popular XBLA 'Metroidvania' title - is "largely designed", suggesting work on the game was nearing completion despite the lack of an official announcement. However, while Epic and Chair remain cagey on the matter - the success of iOS classic Infinity Blade and its upcoming sequel have them pretty occupied - studio head Donald Mustard told fans they can be "confident" in Shadow Complex 2 being released.

"I think when we've talked about this before," Mustard told Eurogamer when quizzed on a Shadow Complex sequel, "you know about my love for Shadow Complex, and our team's love for Shadow Complex, and Epic's love for Shadow Complex. We all love Shadow Complex." The iPhone 4S was announced yesterday, with Chair's Infinity Blade 2 the flagship title Apple is promoting to show off the device's beefed-up graphical capabilities. As such, Chair's hands are pretty full, although Mustard assured fans the studio hasn't forgotten about Shadow Complex just yet.

"You can be confident, and people can be confident, that we'll return to Shadow Complex at a time when it makes sense to do so," he teased, but would go no further on the matter. We expect when Infinity Blade 2 is out in the wild, freeing up Chair a bit, Shadow Complex 2 is likely to be unveiled. Previously an Xbox 360 exclusive, I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel made the jump to multiplatform to reap the financial benefits. [Eurogamer]

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