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Chair: 'We're In The Golden Age Of Gaming'

Matt Gardner
Chair Epic Games, Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex

Chair: 'We're In The Golden Age Of Gaming'

Donald Mustard, the creative director of Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade developer, and Epic Games subsidiary, Chair, has suggested that gamers have never had it better. Looking at the range of devices, titles and price points available these days, Mustard proclaimed that everywhere one looks, there are quality games to be found.

"I honestly think we’re in the golden age of gaming at the moment,” said Chair's creative director Donald Mustard. "There are games for zero dollars that are really worth playing, and then there are these games for sixty dollars which are just incredible experiences. And there’s everything in between. It’s just an awesome time to be a gamer. Everywhere I look I have really fun games that I can play, and I love it."

Of course, Chair would say that, having released Shadow Complex on XBLA and Infinity Blade on iOS. The two Infinity Blade games have amassed nearly £20 million across iPad and iPhone, and have proven wildly popular.

""We're approaching 400 million iOS devices that can play these sort of games," said Mustard. "We'll soon be passing half a billion - and that's so much more than the number of Xboxes that are out there. There's just a huge number of people with these devices, with these powerful gaming machines in their pockets. The market is there, and good games, good apps will rise to the top." [Hookshot Inc.]

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Jerr  Feb. 14, 2012 at 17:33

The golden age is long gone.

Infact everything before the PS3 and 360 was the "golden age".

Now all we have is games like Angry Birds and CoD that have ruined the industry in favour satisfying the braindead dubstep listening reality TV watching masses.

Hotscotsman  Feb. 14, 2012 at 17:42

Golden age! I'd rather have quality rather than quantity too many sequels these days or rehashed fps, rpgs or whatever so theres little originality.


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