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Challenge Carl | #2: Broforce - Assassin Run

Carl Phillips
Broforce, Challenge Carl, Digital Devolver, Free Lives, Gameplay

Challenge Carl | #2: Broforce - Assassin Run

Having managed to come out on top for his first challenge, Carl is back to take on another in today's episode of Challenge Carl. Given to him by fellow Dealspwner Jon Lester, the task is simple - play through Free Lives' over-the-top platformer Broforce and only kill the devil boss at the end of the first three levels, with no collateral damage whatsoever.

We've captured the highlights of Carl efforts, so watch as he attempts to do stealth runs in a game all about blowing up as much stuff as possible, see how the challenge becomes much more than intended, and generally witness Carl's descent into madness thanks to minefields and dogs.

A tip of the hat to Jon for throwing down that challenge! If you have any feedback on the episode, or have a suggestion of your own that you think will best Carl, let us know in the comments below!

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Kopite211  May. 23, 2014 at 19:58

I once managed to beat someone at Rockstars' Table Tennis using only my two big toes, I'm thinking maybe Carl v Jon with the above method or maybe a bit of one handed counter strike, fruit ninja using only your nose etc?

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