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Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

Matt Gardner
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Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

It's nearly December and already the streets of cyberspace are bustling with consumers, eager to snap up bargains left, right and centre.  It can sometimes be a little difficult to decide what to get for your friends and family at this time of year so, if it's games you're looking for, we're going to be running a little mini season of buyer's guides to help you pick a few things out. These are, of course, relatively subjective, but hopefully they provide a few little highlights. We'll be running our Game of the Year season next month too, so keep an eye out for more suggestions then.

So let's kick off with dads. Here are a few little suggestions to pick out for your old man this Christmas.

Forza 4

Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

It's basically Top Gear: The Game...although even if you can't stand Clarkson and co., you'll love if you're any kind of petrolhead. It looks gorgeous, handles even better, and is made to appeal to every kind of gamer and car enthusiast. If it's the best driving experience you're after, then GT5 might just be a better bet. But if you want that coupled with automobile adoration, then accept no substitute. This is a game for anyone who has ever done a double take at a Lambo.

FIFA 12/PES 2012

Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

If your dad is a football fan, then either of these will be a good choice. However, for the more technically minded, it's got to be PES 2012. But, if you really want to recreate the spectacle and drama of weekend footie, then FIFA's the game for you. The latter's presentation and exceptional online offerings just edge things this time.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

It's basically Top Gun, as a game. Stick on the Kenny Loggins, strap yourself in and turn the volume up really loud. The story is complete guff, but the dogfighting is glorious and online play is a lot of fun indeed. Plus you can reset the controls to old-school sim handling if you really want.

Battlefield 3

Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

Is Battlefield 3 better than Modern Warfare 3? Does it matter? No, not really. But you're much less likely to be abused by random folk on Battlefield 3, and more likely to work as a team on enormous maps (if you play on PC) that really can't be rivalled anywhere else. More so than any of its competition, it's a game where you don't just have to kill people to earn XP. Using that yardstick, you could also pick up the curiously flawed Brink for half the price.

Uncharted 3

Christmas Buyer's Guide | Games For Dads

Dads are men who saw Indiana Jones when the films first came out in cinemas and naturally thought they were the best thing ever. Global adventuring, mythological narrative spirals, witty dialogue and plenty of action. Well, that's Uncharted to a tee, and the third instalment is quite possibly the best one yet.

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