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Christmas Competition: Day 2 Winners!

Matt Gardner
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Christmas Competition: Day 2 Winners!

The results are in, some of you very quick off of the mark indeed! But there can only be five winners and today they are:

  • Femi Kaseram
  • Rob Proietti
  • Daniel Rodrigues
  • Melinda Ho
  • Jason Forster

Congratulation folks! You've all definitely won a £10 Amazon voucher each! As stipulated in the competition launch post, we'll be sorting out prizes at the end of the week as you're free to enter on all seven days and might amass a larger cumulative prize!

There were 10 differences to be found:

4 - Batman logo
8 - Pac-Man sizes
9 - Altair's blades
11 - Rayman's shoe
16 - Crash's hair
19 - Space Invader's eyes
20 - Yoshie's mouth
21 - Ryu's headband
23 - Bayonetta's headband colour
24 - Luigi's eyes

A few winners clearly gunning for a cumulative prize by the end of the week, but don't worry if you missed out this time. There are 5 more days to go!

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Melinda  Dec. 2, 2010 at 17:07

Thank you very much :). I'll be back tomorrow.

Rob Proietti  Dec. 2, 2010 at 17:09

Awesome, thank you dealspwn!


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