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The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian £3.97 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian £3.97 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Games]

There was absolutely no way at all that the very shiny and equally soulless new Narnia films would fail to generate equally shiny and soulless video games, but then these are games aimed at those who perhaps can't reach the upper shelves of magazine racks and maybe aren't as motivated by pure achievement whoring as the rest of us.

With that in mind, Prince Caspian has thankfully fallen into the 'stocking filler' price bracket an can now be picked up for just £3.97 from Tesco Entertainment, almost £2 cheaper than the nearest competitor (£5.77 at Game Collection) to make any fan of the Pevensie children's escapades a happy little bunny come Christmas.

If I sound a little miffed it's because this game, like so many substandard movie tie-ins, seems like a lazy, hurriedly put together adventure with more cracks in it than Humpty-Dumpty's skull. Just because a game is aimed at a younger demographic does not excuse poor design, crafting sloppiness, non-existent puzzles and mind-numbingly repetitive gameplay. The more recent Harry Potter games are good examples of this - creating a gaming experience pitched perhaps towards a younger generation, but with something still to offer enthusiasts of all ages.

The developer behind this game - Traveller's Tales - is responsible for the Lego: Star Wars series, a handful of games that were a blast to play whether you were 7 or 77. Unfortunately, it seems that must have used up all of their gaming goodwill because Prince Caspian is a yawn-fest of epic proportions. The combat revolves around taping down A or X and waiting a little bit, the puzzles are little more than lever pulling or winching, and everything seems like it's been done before. Oh wait....it has....in the last Narnia game

Having said that, I am a cynical, jaded twenty-something nursed on the muzzle of Master Chief's battle rifle, cradled by the comforting blankets of Baldur's Gate's narrative and ready for Mortal Kombat. For all of its faults, the Narnia games certainly have an audience - my young cousin was absolutely captivated by it - and at this price you could probably do a lot worse. With fairly stylish graphics and an orchestral soundtrack pulled straight from the movie, it's a nice (if bland) way of introducing a child to gaming.

Thanks to WaxMechaniK at HotUKDeals

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