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Next Chunk Of Fallout: New Vegas DLC Outed?

Felix Kemp
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Next Chunk Of Fallout: New Vegas DLC Outed?

It's been a fair few months since Obsidian dropped Dead Money - checked out Jon's review yet? - the first crest of what is set to be a wave of New Vegas' DLC. But now, thanks to Duck and Cover, we have a few screen-grabs from a teaser trailer Bethesda has subsequently removed from the web, rumored to be for the next piece of New Vegas DLC, dubbed 'Honest Hearts'.

How Duck and Cover managed to get their hands on the trailer is unclear - it was never public - but no matter, as the screen-grabs give us a clear picture of what to expect. The first, and most revealing, shows what is obviously a player-controlled avatar - from third-person perspective - swiping at an assailant with a barbed-wire bat. It's obviously Fallout, but the rich red-brown hues, looming rock formations and curious breed of tree suggest its not simply lifted from either New Vegas or its predecessor.

The second screen-grab offers us a panoramic glimpse of the possible new location we can explore in 'Honest Hearts'. Reminiscent of RAGE, it's a sun-baked, mountainous environment, replete with towering rock formations and winding valleys. The last screen-grab, and most conclusive, is simply a shot of the logo stamped across the screen, confirming the 'Honest Hearts' title.

Adding more flames to the fire, Duck and Cover claim Bethesda is hosting a press event in the mountains of Utah this week. It's clear - if this press event turns out to be true - that it'll offer the media a first look at 'Honest Hearts', which is rumored to relocate happenings to New Canaan. Last month, a leak reported three titles for possible New Vegas DLC. 'Lonesome Road', 'Old World Blues', and 'Honest Heart'. Bethesda swiftly labelled the leak as "false", but it would appear they were being very crafty. [Duck and Cover]

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