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Cities: Skylines is the city sim we deserve - Deluxe Edition now just £18.89 today only

Jonathan Lester
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Cities: Skylines is the city sim we deserve - Deluxe Edition now just £18.89 today only

Cities Skylines is out, and it's brilliant. Here we have a city simulation that properly simulates cities, with scope to create massive metropolises based on robust systems that we can tweak and scale to our specifications. Heck, us Brits can even make traffic drive on the left hand side!

Better yet, you can now grab the Cities Skylines Deluxe Edition for only £18.89 for the next 24 hours.

Make sure to use the Facebook voucher code for the extra discount via the widget at the top of the store page.

Cities: Skylines is the city sim we deserve - Deluxe Edition now just £18.89 today only

"Ever since the omni-shambles that was SimCity, we’ve yearned for a city building simulation that wasn’t a hot mess," Carl wrote in our Cities Skylines review. "We even hoped and dreamed that Maxis might salvage the wreckage of their game and actually deliver on the illusions / tricks we had been sold. Sadly, that will never be, but hope isn’t lost. A new challenger to the genre’s throne has finally arrived with Cities: Skylines, promising to wipe away the disappointment with gameplay that not only works, but allows players to truly design their dream city."

"And you know what? For the most part, Colossal Order have done exactly that." Make sure to check out our Cities Skyline strategy guide too!

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Tsung  Mar. 11, 2015 at 11:10

I played this last night, not for as long as I wanted to, or should have. My initial reaction, tears... of joy.. The game is the city builder I've always wanted to play.

Watching the city grow, people going to work/school, driving around, walking their dogs, kids running around on the pavements. Being able to rename everything and anything. People appear to have a purpose, trucks and van's going places, delivering goods. Emergency vehicles attending emergencies, with some degree of intelligence. Even stuff like left hand drive option on the roads.

EA/Maxis this is the sim city game you should of made!, I feel dirty just mentioning SC in this post, it couldn't hold a candle to this game.


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