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Civilization V DLC Revealed; Launches This Week

Jonathan Lester
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Rule As Kamehameha!

Civilization V DLC Revealed; Launches This Week

Civilization V was one of our favourite games of 2010 (as well as being arguably the best of the series)- so we're delighted that two DLC packs are headed to the experience this week. The premium Polynesia pack delivers a new civilization and scenario, whilst a free multiplayer map collection should help lengthen the online appeal. Oh, and Kamehameha is no longer a blue fireball-ish thing!

Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia will launch this Thursday (March 3rd) at £2.99, allowing players to command the Polynesian civilization. As island-dwellers, this warlike tribe packs an incredibly powerful navy and "imposing" Moai statues. New tech trees allow for Maori warriors and Moai units to be developed, and the bundled Paradise Lost scenario provides a battle for Polynesian domination that focuses on sweeping naval manoeuvres.

Kamehameha provided the strong and stable leadership that united the Hawaiian islands in 1791, and acts as the main civilization leader in the expansion. We believe that his power level was around the 8500-9500 region.

The free multiplayer map pack does exactly what it says on the tin. It's free. It contains multiplayer maps. And it's a... pack?

The three maps on offer have been specifically designed for competitive online play, including options for fierce small-scale battles or epic sqabbles over a huge inland sea. You'll be able to net this pack by connecting to steam on Thursday 3rd March.

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