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Civilization V GOTY Edition | £7.49 | Gamersgate | PC

Carl Phillips
2K Games, Firaxis Games, PC games, Strategy games
Civilization V | PC

Civilization V GOTY Edition | £7.49 | Gamersgate | PC

Gamersgate have reduced their asking price for the definitive edition of Civ V. A saving of £7.50 current exists between this deal and the next best offer coming from Zavvi. Considering you get a large portion of the existing DLC with the main game, it’s a rather tempting offer.

Civ V ended up being something of a polarising title in the series thanks to its drastic change in some respects, and many were turned off by the lack of animations in multiplayer. Fixes are incoming though in time for the next expansion (due out in June) and, in true Civ style, it should have you saying “One More Turn” to yourself at 3AM.

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