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Classes, Romance, and Giant Heads - Pillars of Eternity Q&A with Josh Sawyer

Matt Gardner
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Classes, Romance, and Giant Heads - Pillars of Eternity Q&A with Josh Sawyer

I love the old Infinity Engine RPGs, and I'm not alone. Jon often makes the point that the stories modern games tell seem to have suffered as a result of having so many more advanced tools (particularly when we start bandying around the word "cinematic"), and that there's something to be said for text-heavy adventures and RPGs making the very most of their limited options. The writing had to be spot on, the world building exceptionally well researched, everything providing the optimal framing for whatever adventure was to be had.

Games couldn't rely on polish and looks to get by as they can now, they actually had to be good. And we were spoilt rotten with games of exceptional quality.

Pillars of Eternity wants to tap into all of that, reviving that old-school spirit, but upgrading and updating a few of the more clunky mechanisms that have grown rusty over the years, and the team at Obsidian look to be right on track. We've already sent the half-hour gameplay presentation we checked out a couple of weeks back, but we also got the opportunity to put a bunch of further questions to project director Josh Sawyer, and he waxed lyrical regarding classes, romance, and one of the game's best Easter eggs.

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LordBuckles  Jul. 31, 2014 at 23:29

Sold...I do like the idea of having a Gandalf on Creatine character that is mega stupid, but just throws his mega wizard staff at enemies to instakill them. There is something quite alluring about having an absolute moron for a character that can accidentally trip over their shoelaces and cause utter mayhem. Think it is time to move away from super lucky critical hit silver tongue rogues and embrace my inner idiot.

MattGardner  Aug. 1, 2014 at 10:02

Agreed! I love the idea of having such as flexible class system, really opens up role-playing possibilities.

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