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Click To Play: One Button Arthur

Matt Gardner
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Click To Play: One Button Arthur

Here at Dealspwn we're all about getting the best games for the least amount of financial effort, and we often tend to forget that some of the most addictive offerings out there are completely free. With that in mind, welcome to Click To Play, a new weekly feature where we'll be hunting down the best browser-based games each week so you don't have to.  Check in with us every Monday to spice up your coffee breaks for the week!

This week:One Button Arthur

Click To Play: One Button ArthurFrom the makers of One Button Bob comes another one-click platforming extravaganza. This time you're the heroic king of legend, tasked with leaping over lava pits, dodging ghosts in slaloming platform levels and skewering foes with your nameless understudy sword.

As with the previous adventure from Ninjadoodle, OBA is an exceptionally simple affair. Short and sweet, it's your job to guide King Arthur through a myriad of dangers to the fabled sword stuck in the stone and all you'll need is that trusty left mouse button.

One click does everything, based on the rules of each level. For instance, in one area it'll make Arthur jump, in another it might simply make him change direction or swing his sword or stop altogether. Each of the different areas are contextually different so you'll never have a 'jump' room followed by a 'switch' room. It's like someone took a load of themed WarioWare mini levels and strung them all together.

Understandably, ascertaining exactly what each area's click function is, and when and where to deploy it, revolves quite a bit around trial and error. But each of clicks are counted, the idea being that the fewer clicks you needed to finish the game, the better the score, with leaderboards spurring you to return to the relatively short platformer again and again.

I managed to get through it on a first playthrough with 448 clicks, eventually trimming it down to 379 after eleven runs. It'll only take about 5 minutes to go through the game, sound off in the comments with your scores.

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