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Click To Play | Why Am I Dead: Rebirth - 8-bit Murdered

Matt Gardner
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Click To Play | Why Am I Dead: Rebirth - 8-bit Murdered

Welcome back to Click To Play , the new-old regular series that takes a look at a new browser-based curio each week to further the fine art of procrastination. We accept absolutely no responsibility if you get caught at work/school/uni gloriously wasting time on the games listed here when you should be working.

This week: Why Am I Dead: Rebirth

The more I think about Murdered: Soul Suspect, the more it annoys the hell out me that such a grand opportunity for something truly special was ultimately squandered. If you're still a little annoyed at the wasted potential of Airtight's ghostly sleuth-em-up, then Why Am I Dead might be just the game for you.

Plus it's free, which is always a bonus.

Peltast Games' Why Am I Dead: Rebirth is a spruced-up version of a flash game from 2012 that saw you playing the spectral role of a murdered hotel manager. A storm is raging about the place, the game is afoot, but the police are nowhere to be found, no doubt delayed by the poor weather. It's up to you to investigate your own death.

Click To Play | Why Am I Dead: Rebirth - 8-bit Murdered

You can't touch anything, of course, or speak directly to the staff and the guests of the hotel, but you do have the ability to possess people and make your enquiries indirectly through the means of a surrogate. You float your ghost around the place using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, tapping [space] or [Z] to possess anyone you come across. Once you've nabbed yourself a physical vessel, you can do things like open doors (for some reason this particular ghost can't pass through walls or doors) and talk to people. However, your guests and the members of staff to whom you talk will have different reactions and reveal different things depending on the person in front of them.

Thus Why Am I Dead becomes a game all about connections -- finding the right person to unlock a new plot point or tidbit of information that can help further the investigation.

For those who've played the game before, there are new endings, little bits and pieces of aesthetic tidying, and characters will now move about the place in more realistic fashion rather than simply staying put all of the time as if the murder has frozen everyone into terrified stasis. If, like me, you're coming to the game new, then you'll find an intriguing, inventive little mystery game that's atmospheric and really rather cleverly crafted, even if it there are a couple of visual glitches here and there that let it down in that department.

If it whets your appetite for more, then you can assist with the project to help the sequel get Greenlit over on Steam.

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