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Click To Play: Downing Street Fighter

Matt Gardner
Click To Play, Downing Street Fighter, Flash games, Politics

Click To Play: Downing Street Fighter

Here at Dealspwn we're all about getting the best games for the least amount of financial effort, and we often tend to forget that some of the most addictive offerings out there are completely free. With that in mind, welcome to Click To Play, a new weekly feature where we'll be hunting down the best browser-based games each week so you don't have to.  Check in with us every Monday to spice up your coffee breaks for the week!

This week: Downing Street Fighter

Occasionally (not often) I manage to pull my eyes away from my television and realise to my surprise that there is another, some might say more real, world outside where less awesome stuff is happening. I wasn't a pro footballer or a racing driver or a Jedi the last time I looked. However, some of this stuff bears the odd bit of attention, not least a little vote wrapping up on the 6th of May. Widely publicised and turned into a media circus, there have been times in this typically British (and therefore hilariously mediocre) election campaign when, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I've wanted to smack the three main candidates' heads together. There have moments when David Cameron has been on the verge of declaring pistols at dawn at some of the accusations levelled against him, and parts where Gordon Brown has looked so hangdog that he might well eat one of his aides.

Click To Play: Downing Street Fighter

Thankfully, there's a solution to all of this simmering tension: virtual fisticuffs. What better way to settle political differences than by smacking one another around in a nice little Flash game that pays homage to Capcom's classic. The controls are simplified to the extreme - punch, kick, special - and you only have three characters to choose from, but this is secondary to the amusement one gets out of watching Nick Clegg, described here as having a 'scrappy' fighting style, leaping around in cartoon style like Ryu after a trip to a candy factory.

There are 7 fighting stages to choose from including, bizarrely, the White House lawn, and a lovely touch where the car-bashing minigame sees you smacking the hell out of Brown's now-infamous Jaguar. It's not a terribly good Flash fighter, most online games of this genre rarely are, but it'll make you chuckle and finally let you release that pent-up rage that always seems to appear whenever politicians are around.

Click To Play

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Izzy  May. 3, 2010 at 21:24

Ahahaha, I love the loading bar


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