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Click To Play: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Matt Gardner
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Click To Play: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

This week: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The game is telling me to click in order to make boobs jiggle. No, this isn't a suspiciously erotic RPG that's bound to attract the attention of alley-lurkers and Fox News alike, but rather the new game from kupo707. Chock-full of juvenile humour and turn-based roleplaying actiongoodness, EBF3 is a game designed to make you chuckle whilst you go about your loot snatching and exhaustive levelling up.

Click To Play: Epic Battle Fantasy 3You'll know within half a minute of firing up the opening movie whetehr this is a game that'll appeal to your funny bone. Think Superbad, but a little more juvenile. If pre-pubescent boys could extract the zany thoughts from their brains and concoct games from their panting threads, this would probably be it.

To it's credit, though, EBF3 is a wonderfully solid, free RPG experience too. It boasts classic, mouse controlled, turn-based combat, loads of attacks and spells, weapons and potions, treasures and artefacts to locate and play around with. You won't get very far just by sticking with the 'might is right' mantra, though, as it quickly becomes apparent that checking out enemies' various weaknesses is the real way to divide and conquer in this particular title.

It looks beautiful, you can finally move around and it's clear that some serious developmental work has gone into this one. Moreover, there are an abundant number of skills and traits you can teach to your characters , tailoring the game to your own liking and style of play.

If you're looking for a game to sink a day or two into, but have developed a hole in your wallet after an awesome summer, this might just be the game for you. Expect to have to do a certain amount of grinding, though...and the occasional bout of kitten slaying.

I laughed...but then I still find whoopee cushions amusing.

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