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Click to Play: Flaming Zombooka

Matt Gardner
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Click to Play: Flaming Zombooka

Here at Dealspwn we're all about getting the best games for the least amount of financial effort, and we often tend to forget that some of the most addictive offerings out there are completely free. With that in mind, welcome to Click To Play, a new weekly feature where we'll be hunting down the best browser-based games each week so you don't have to.  Check in with us every Monday to spice up your coffee breaks for the week!

This week: Flaming Zombooka

Click to Play: Flaming ZombookaThis really isn't an original game. We've seen this template several times before, perhaps most notably with Armor Games' Fragger and Crush The Castle, and it's one that harks all the way back to games like Gorillas and the big grand-daddy of the genre Artillery. But there's something about artillery games and their variations. Instead, the modern flash game chooses to scrap the other player, instead focusing on a static object and playing around with the mechanics and physics of the game in hand.

Flaming Zombooka is one of these games. You have a bazooka, there are zombies to be slain. Through lining up the perfect combination of elevation and power you're expected to stem the strangely immobile horde of undead shuffling moaners, occasionally bouncing shells off of walls to reach your prey, releasing zombie crushing anvils or Indiana Jones-esque boulders to do the job for you, or triggering a series of domino-like pivoting girders to smack your brain-munching adversaries into oblivion.

Such a game makes for a great momentary distraction. It's cartoon presentation is far more gory than that of Castle, and it's levels design arguably less well thought out, but there's slightly more variation here thanks to the ability to bounce shells off of certain objects, and move and manipulate others. I laughed out loud at one particular level which sees you release a giant boulder that falls onto one side of a see-saw, launching a Superman costume-clad zombie into the air and onto a bed of waiting spikes.

The silliness of it all, and I defy you not to let out a little chuckle at least once, should not detract from the addictive qualities of this game. As with all the best Flash games, the 'just one more level' syndrome is back in force. It doesn't do a great deal to stand out from its genre peers, but it adds in a few ideas, even if the easiness of it all makes this more of a comedy piece than a serious gaming challenge.

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