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Click To Play: Schrödinghost - Thinking Outside of the Box

Matt Gardner
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Click To Play: Schrödinghost - Thinking Outside of the Box

As we've shifted around a few things here on Dealspwn, we've freed up some time and space for a few of the regular features that we used to run. With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that we'll be bringing back Click To Play on Mondays, delivering a new browser-based curio to further the fine art of procrastination.

This week: Schrödinghost

To usher in this new-old era of regular features, we're kicking things off with one of the highlights of Ludum Dare 30 (Connected Worlds) -- a point-and-click, stealthy puzzler named Schrödinghost, in which you play Schrödinger's cat, Maru. Maru is fed up of the experiments that have been flying about the place of late, and he's also pretty annoyed at being stuck in a box. If Schrödinger spies the box moving, Maru is dead, so the entirety of this short, sweet, silly little game is to basically avoid getting seen.

Click To Play: Schrödinghost - Thinking Outside of the Box

You have to avoid the circles of light that denote Schrödinger's field of vision, clicking to move and freezing before the scientist spots you, and attempt to make your way to the other side of each room. Sometimes you may have to distract Schrödinger, sometimes there'll be a leg of ham to snack upon. It's sort of part What's The Time Mister Wolf, and part Ghost Trick -- ah yes, you can also sort of astrally-project around the room you're in, using electric sockets to find hard-to-reach places, flicking light switches and radios and other devices on and off to better serve your purr-pose.

It's one of those games that you'll fail a lot as you puzzle your way through the various rooms and work out which bits are interactive, and which bits aren't. I kept accidentally over-clicking, and wandering into the faded, outermost circle of Schrödinger's FOV, whereupon he'd sort of cackle and I'd have to start the level again. But Schrödinghost is a game that's brimming with aesthetic charm, and music that you'll be hearing inside f your head long after you've stopped playing. The writing is fairly up and down, and sometimes the jokes are perhaps a little crass, but overall it's a charming little game.

There's even a Lonely Island reference in there.

Schrödinghost came joint-fifth in the Jam voting for LD30, and won top marks for graphics and sound, and it's easy to see why with its cracking concept and style.

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