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Click To Play: Mr Splibox - Step On My Cubes

Matt Gardner
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Click To Play: Mr Splibox - Step On My Cubes

Welcome back to Click To Play , the new-old regular series that takes a look at a new browser-based curio each week to further the fine art of procrastination. We accept absolutely no responsibility if you get caught at work/school/uni gloriously wasting time on the games listed here when you should be working.

This week: Mr Splibox

Mr Splibox seems like an odd protagonist for a platforming game. He's apathy personified, a hero so lazy that he can't even be bothered to jump around. But he does have one special power that renders his lack of leaping something of a non-issue: he can spawn boxes out of his arse.

So it is that Mr Splibox navigates around increasingly complex levels, overcoming steps by building towers of cutesy cardboard boxes out of his bum, and crossing chasms by toppling said towers across previously impassable gaps.

Click To Play: Mr Splibox - Step On My Cubes

There are enemies to bypass as well. Moustachioed chumps will charge at you if they spot you, and it's therefore often necessary to get out of harm's way by crapping crates, leaving your 'tached foes to run off of ledges and sail into the odd abyss.

The Spliboxes themselves are ruddy useful and no matter how many times they might pop against spikes or be flung into oblivion by disco zombies (yes, there are disco zombies in this game), they'll come back. The controls are simple, making use of the arrows keys and little else: press up to spawn a Splibox, press down to remove the oldest one you placed. You only have five Spliboxes to play with initially, but you can deploy a greater number as you rescue more by progressing through the levels.

It's a lovely little game that has a pleasant, hand-drawn feel to it, like it popped into existence by leaping off of the pages of a kid's doodling book. The soundtracks gets a little tired and repetitive after a while, and I found myself turning off the sound effects to nix the "Yippe!" that the Spliboxes make when they spawn, but the game itself is a great little time-waster. The levels become more intricate as things progress, and start adding in more enemies and physics-based puzzles involving switches and catapults. Things can become a little too convoluted towards the end, and a checkpoint in one or two of the levels would have been most welcome, but these are small gripes for a worth source of procrastination.

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